I’ve never heard of Vigilant Arms, why should I buy from you?
That’s ok if you have never heard of us before. We have been making guns for 15 years and stand behind our products. We will put our rifles up head to head against anyone else on the market. You will never find a tool mark or scratch on any of our hand built guns.

What kind of warrantee do you have on your products?
We offer a 100% lifetime guarantee against mechanical failure on all of our products. If something goes wrong we will take care of it no questions asked at no cost to you.

Can you work on my gun even if I didn’t buy it from you?
We offer gun smithing services on all types of firearms regardless of if you purchased from us or not. Gun smithing work is done at an hourly rate and you will be given an estimate before any work begins.

Can you build a custom rifle for me?
We love to build custom rifles! We can incorpoate any type of rail, barrel, trigger, stock, grip that you’d like. Just let us know what your heart desires and we can make it happen.

Do you offer cerakote services?
If you want to really set your rifle apart we can cerakote it in any color you want.

I’m not local, how do I order a rifle?
We have shipped firearms all over the country. You will need to find a local FFL dealer and provide that information so we can ship to the closest gun store to you.